2023 Ranch Roundup

Dear Friends,

We are heading into the home stretch for the 2022 Ranch Roundup!

Please keep reading for updates and changes for 2022:

  • Reminder that we have a new GAMES BUNDLE which is only $50 for youth. Includes Carrot Race, Keyhole Race and Dummy Roping.
  • HEADS UP that our Ranch Sorting class will change to be a simple LINE SORTING. Highest score in shortest time wins. No more double octagon.
  • The following classes could use a little love, so if you’ve been hesitating, um, please stop doing that and sign up today. If we don’t meet a minimum class size of 10, these classes will be cancelled: Ranch Horse, Buckaroo Boxing, Double Boxing
  • Ladies/Mixed Roping is FULL, sorry. Please consider our Jr/Sr Roping class or Century Roping.
  • Ranchers’s Choice has a wait list, ALTHOUGH we have reserved *some* draws for youth teams. Go ahead and ‘wait list’ your youth teams and I will slip you in.
  • What!!?? Our new Trail Challenge class (formally Ranch Trail) will include some fun and different obstacles, including a mechanical cow flag. More on this soon.
  • Double what!!? Our new Ranch Riding class combines elements from the AQHA class of the same name and Working Equitation.
  • Looking for patterns? Click through and scroll down to the Description tab to get links to patterns for these classes: Ranch Riding, Ranch Reining, Ranch Horse, Buckaroo Boxing, Double Boxing.
  • Important for team classes: If you have a TBD (you know who you are) that is not filled by September 17, we will fill the slot with a RANDOM draw from the class list.
  • I have some youth who would like to enter Rancher’s Choice and also the Jr/Sr Roping and are looking for adult partners who would be willing to sponsor the entry fee. Don’t sit on your hands: CONTACT ME TO HELP OUT
  • WOWZA! New benefit for youth: Youth Trail & Saddle Club members will be able to sign up FOR ANY CLASS at HALF THE REGULAR COST. Go ahead and sign up for a class and once the membership status is verified I will refund your card. Adult partners pay full price but T&SC youth are half off.
  • BOOTS for BEER (or soda!): To benefit local kid riders! If you have some gently used boots in your closet, please bring them to the registration booth to donate in exchange for a drink ticket! All sizes (men’s, ladies, youth) appreciated.

Thank you,
Susan Bancroft and the Roundup Committee