2023 Ranch Roundup

We have modified the description of our Trail Challenge Class (previously called Ranch Trail) as follows:

This class is not an AQHA Ranch Trail class, but a class that has been modified for the Carmel Valley Ranch Roundup.

This is a judged class. Eye appeal will be factored into the score and the horse/rider team that most resembles a real life working ranch horse pair with position and control will have an advantage. This class contains a course of obstacles that is designed to show a horse’s willingness, confidence, and ability to perform several tasks that might be asked of him in the course of a normal day’s ranch work. It will include navigating obstacles such as crossing a bridge, performing gait transitions, roping a dummy, or handling a ranch-type item. This class follows AQHA equipment rules, with the following addition- Horses of any age may be shown two-handed in a hackamore or snaffle.

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NOTE that the class is now timed!
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