Double Boxing


A rider may enter this class any number of times, but each go must be on a different horse.

FOR MULTIPLE GOES: Please list the horse's name in parenthesis in the name field. For example: “Sally Smith (Powder Puff)”.

All goes will qualify for placed awards, but only one score can be counted toward High Point.

Cost includes a $10 payback that will pay ONLY if the class size is greater than ten participants.

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This is a box-drive-box-drive class. Open to all riders and horses. This is a judged event. NOTE: If you enter this class you are not allowed to enter the Buckaroo Boxing class. You may enter the Working Cow Horse class, but only if on a different horse.This class is for riders who have previously scored 142 or better (combined reining + cow work) in a boxing class competition.

Enter arena and execute dry work pattern AQHA Working Cowhorse #6.

  • Each contestant upon receiving a cow in the arena, shall hold that cow on the prescribed end of the arena demonstrating the ability of the horse and rider to control the cow. If the cow does not immediately challenge the horse, the rider shall move in on the cow to demonstrate the horse’s ability to drive and stop the cow.
  • When the contestant is satisfied that he/she has demonstrated the horse’s ability to hold and control the cow he/she will set the cow up to drive through the corner and down the fence to the other end of the arena. When coming out of the corner, the horse shall be close enough to the cow to demonstrate control with the cow against the fence. This distance and control should be maintained for approximately 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 of the length of the arena. Rider will then stop and release the cow and move the horse toward the center of the arena to set the cow up for boxing again.
  • The exhibitor will maintain control of the cow at that end of the arena and again demonstrate the horse’s ability to hold the cow.
  • When the contestant is satisfied, he/she has demonstrated the ability to hold the cow, he/she will drive the cow back down the SAME side of the fence past the middle marker and continue until the judge blows the whistle to show completion.
    The ability of the horse and rider to stay in position while driving the cow and the degree of difficulty will be judged.
  • Each contestant will have one (1) minute and forty-five (45) seconds to complete the cow work with a warning for 50 seconds remaining. Time starts after cow enters the arena.
  • The exhibitor is NOT required to use all of the allotted time but must ride until the judge whistles the end of the run or the time expires, whichever occurs first.

Equipment to follow AQHA rules.