Ranch Reining


MULTIPLE GOES: A rider may enter this class any number of times, but each go must be on a different horse. Please list the horse's name in parenthesis in the name field. For example: “Bob Jones (Fluffy)”. All goes will qualify for placed awards, but only one score can be counted toward High Point.

Note that only the Open division of this class includes a payback.

ALSO NOTE: Because this class is very popular, additional goes by one participant on different horses will be wait-listed to make room for others until the week prior to the event. Thank you for your understanding.

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Rider Division

Two divisions: Open and Amateur. The horse is judged on movement and attitude as he is guided through Working Cow Horse Pattern #11. The pattern typically requires the horse to perform a number of stops, spins, rollbacks, lead changes and circles at a lope. The horse should be willing to be guided with little or no resistance. Equipment to follow AQHA rules.