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CLASS WITHIN A CLASS: Awards will be calculated separately for the 12 & Under and 17 & Under divisions.

Cost is per 2-person team. A rider may enter a total of 3 times, but each team must be unique.

Note that there is no payback in this class

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Partner 1

Partner 1 Division

Open to all riders and horses. For the Youth divisions, at least one team member must be 17 or under. This is a scored and timed event. Two-person teams send a cow through a number of “obstacles” in the arena, using panels and other materials as mock gates. The cow can go through each gate no more than 2 times, backwards or forwards. Each gate is assigned a certain number of points, depending on degree of difficulty. The team must also get the cow out of the arena before time is up. Highest score with the shortest time wins. “Communication” for this event means talking, whistling, hand gestures, etc. Warning horn to be given at the 30 second mark. Three Divisions: ► Youth 12 & Under (Both partners can communicate), ► Youth 17 & Under + Adult (Only the youth partner can communicate) and ► Adult + Adult (No communication allowed). Two-and-a-half (2.5) minute time limit.