Three-Man Ranch Penning


Cost is per 3-person team.

Cost includes a $30 payback that will pay ONLY if the class size is greater than ten teams.

15 in stock (can be backordered)

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This class is not a regulation penning, but a class that has been modified for the Carmel Valley Ranch Roundup.

A herd consisting of 2 sets of ten cattle wearing numbers 0-9 will stand at one end of the arena. At the other end of the arena, there will be an empty pen with one open side. A start line will be established at the arena’s midpoint.
The three rider and horse combinations will enter the arena and wait for a flag that tells them the herd is settled and the arena is ready. The announcer will call out a number and the time will start as soon as the first horse crosses the start line.

The goal is to separate both cows wearing the assigned number, move them across the arena and push them into the pen. Time stops when both cows and one rider have entered the pen, and all of the remaining herd is on the herd side of the timeline.

You can and will be flagged out for any unnecessary roughness. Penning must be completed in 2.5 minutes or the team will be excused. A warning will sound at 2 minutes.