Trail Challenge


A rider may enter this class any number of times, but each go must be on a different horse.

OPEN DIVISION classes are usually for the most experienced exhibitors, trainers and professional horsemen but many amateur and youth members can be tough competitors as well.

Note that only the Open division of this class includes a payback.

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Rider Division

This class is not an AQHA Ranch Trail class, but a class that has been modified for the Carmel Valley Ranch Roundup.

This is a judged class where the highest score with the lowest time wins. Eye appeal will be factored into the score and the horse/rider team that most resembles a real life working ranch horse pair with position and control will have an advantage. This class contains a course of obstacles that is designed to show a horse’s willingness, confidence, and ability to perform several tasks that might be asked of him in the course of a normal day’s ranch work. It will include navigating obstacles such as crossing a bridge, performing gait transitions, roping a dummy, or handling a ranch-type item. This class follows AQHA equipment rules, with the following addition- Horses of any age may be shown two-handed in a hackamore or snaffle.

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