Two-Man Ranch Sorting


Cost is per 2-person team and includes a $30 payback. A rider may enter a total of 3 times, but each team must be unique.

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Partner 1 Division

This class is not a regulation Ranch Sorting class, but a class that has been modified for the Carmel Valley Ranch Roundup.

Open to all riders and horses. This is a timed class designed to replicate what a working ranch crew would do if they needed to sort cattle from a herd for branding or shipping. Two-person team sorts 8-10 cattle in consecutive order. Team drives the cattle over a line about 1/3 of the way down the arena. The starting number is called out as riders cross over the line into the herd area. Teams are given a ‘no time’ if any other cow crosses over the line or any sorted cattle come back to the herd. Time ends when the last cow goes over the line. Team with the largest number of correctly sorted cattle in the shortest time wins. If, during a run, the cattle are not handled in a manner conducive to good ranch practices, the team will be flagged out. This decision is at the discretion of the Judge. Ninety (90) second time limit.